INTEGRITY is an integral aspect and a character of every servant. Fighting corruption is among the biggest challenge worldwide. According to transparency international , corruption perception index from 2021 still remains standstill. In the middle east and  Africa,  armed conflict , violent transition of power,  increasing terrorist threat and political interests  combined with poor enforcement of anti-corruption commitments rob citizens of their basic right and services.

Ghana  is ranked to be one of the most  politically stable country in west Africa since it’s transition to multi-party  democracy  in 1992. However, corruption continues to be a pertinent problem that keep rubbing in our faces. Commitment and efforts have been made through political Wills to curb down corruption in all sectors of our economy. The current NPP  government have made more commitments and invested in corruption fight more than any other government in this 4th republic. Institutions like EOCO , CHRAJ, SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ETC. are agencies established to fight corruption canker in this country.

As a law maker in this 8th Parliament,  I have been a lead advocate on several media platforms pressing hard on corruption fight. We have no option than for we to re-image and put corruption fights on our shoulders. I continue to charge leaders especially Africa leaders to lead corruption campaign and strengthen laws and policies to fight corruption.

Africa’s growth dwells more on accountability and transparency. Once we are ready to protect our individual reputations , so must we be ready to protect state resources and public purses. We are accountable to our people because power continue to be in their hand. Once we serve them well, they will seve us better and we will all together build better nation free  of corruptible acts.