Education/ ICT.

Education is paramount when  it comes to human development and it remains my top most priority as a member of Parliament. Since I became member of Parliament for the good people of Dormaa east, I have remained staunch to my promises and I have served my people in terms of education by providing and supporting them achieve quality education which is geared towards SDG 4. Many are the achievements we have attained  including but not limited to.

Building a 3 unit classroom block for the students of St Peter’s JHS at Asuotiano. The project is 70% near completion. In Building of another 3 unit classroom block for the people and students of Asuhyiae DA JHS at Nsesresu, I provided building materials for the project.. Since second cycle education is tuition free, I have since from 2021 assisted and provided students with Chop boxes containing food items and provisions for thier self use in thier boarding schools. In 2021, over 300 first year students benefitted from this flagship program and in 2022, over 400 students were beneficiaries.

Through the MP’S common fund, over 103 tertiary students have had thier fees paid to enroll in the various universities. I have made several donations in support  of school infrastructure upgrade and also supported in the retrofitting of many structures in the various schools withing my constituency. I donated 50 bags of Cement,  2 trip of sand  and added 2000ghc to the construction of wamfie SDA KG Block through personal funding in wamfie, the district capital.Also in kyeremasu,  I made similar donation in the construction of RC primary school through personal funding.

Through personal funding,  I donated 100 bags of Cement and 2 trips of sand for the construction of the 3 unit classroom block at Aboroso.I donated 150 Dual Desk to the Education Directorate for it to be distributed to the basic schools in my constituency. I donated 50 bags of Cement , 2 trips of sand and 2000ghc to the students of DA JHS at Ampenkuro. At both  Peprashed and Asamoakrom, I have donated 60 bags and 40 bags of Cement respectively including 2 trips of sand for each.

Okuafo pa agric college is one ultra modern facility in the district,located in kyeremasu.The college was established to train and equip the youth with skills in agriculture.The facility was fully funded by ENI, an Italian oil and gas company based in Ghana.Since the establishment of the college, over 500 youth have directly benefitted from it through enrollment. The benefits included skills and finance. I single handedly facilitated, engaged and lobbied with management of ENI to bring the project into fruition after a very keen competition from other Districts who where lobbying for same project.The facility is one of my monumental successes achieved since I became member of Parliament for Dormaa East.


  • We have made advancements in bridging the ICT gap. Literally we are possibly managing to introduce our part of the global society to today’s modern technology. Artificial intelligence we believe would be the leading technology in the next century.  Developing economies rather have to see this opportunity and prepare to meet such offers. . We have established contacts to link the indigenes of my community to the advanced world.
  • We are currently securing funding to provide ICT facilities to my very good people. I have managed through my personal funding  purchased 10 Desk top computers to Asuotiano Presby JHS.Two laptops and office chairs were donated to the District Education Directorate.
  • This project is targeted at all the basic schools in the constituency that by the next 10 years, every child should at least have access to a modern computer embedded with software that can help students in  programming, Code and decode to solve problems facing our part of the world in terms of corruption fight and also reliable digital platforms for businesses.