Climate Change and sustainability.

Climate Change is one of the biggest threats confronting humanity. Through human activity, CO2 emission have increased from pre-industrial time till this 21st century. Today, global warming temperature is around 1.5 degree Celsius which is very peril if we don’t act fast to curb CO2 emission down and we allow it to continue increasing.In order to mitigate the impact of global warming temperature, we need to start practicing sustainable policies. As a member of Parliament for the good people of Dormaa east. I believe in climate change and have taken it upon myself in advocating for sustainable practices.

Practices such as tree planting can absorb tones of CO2 emission in the atmosphere which can help in achieving carbon neutrality.In my constituency, we have planted not less than 2000 seedlings to restore back our forest through a policy initiated by the government called green ghana.I have continously cautioned my constituents on carbon footprints. I have advised we stop activities that would leave carbons footprints behind in our everyday actions.Example of such Practices include, stopping the use of biomass for cooking.Stop the use of olden/over aged cars that produces too much vapor.