The NPP delegates Conference in Accra.

The high spirit of motivation bestowed in me by my lovely and cherished people of Dormaa east constituency encourages me to work assiduously at all levels to bring hope back to them.

Over 6000 plus of the NPP delegates and supporters turned out to decide the kismet of our great party over 40 aspirants.

The very exercise offered me the opportunity to express to the party grassroots that they should have credence in our party leadership in ensuring breaking the eight becomes possible over the enormous achievement we can boast of amid the COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war 2020 since we assumed power.

The organizers of the conference did a great job even though they event started late which was appalling and shouldn’t be encouraged going forward.

I’m confident that aftermath of the conference would help us resolve most internal wranglings withing the party.

Long live the eloquent elephant family, long live our great Nation.

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