NPP Is Protecting The Public Purse – Paul Twum Barimah

The Member of Parliament for the Dormaa East Constituency, Paul Apraku Twum Barimah, has   commended President Akufo Addo for implementing measures that are helping the country protect the national purse.

He said through government initiatives and prudent economic management programs; the country has saved millions of dollars that would have been lost to corrupt officials and criminals in the system. He said officials under the current government have proven their worth as incorruptible and working to sacrifice their wealth of experience to grow the economy of Ghana.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the media, Honourable Paul Twum Barimah said no NPP member will flee this country. ‘NPP will be in office and ensure that all former government appointees who have stolen money   from the state return them. Akufo Addo’s government will retrieve all the stolen money from the former government officials through the legal process

He therefore called on the Special Prosecutor, Kissi  Agyabeng,  to speed up the process to ensure that   officials   of the former government that have been implicated in corruption and corrupt activities under the ex-president of Ghana are   sanctioned and the money retrieved .

According to Paul Twum Barimah, none of the NPP official appointed by the President since 2017 have been involved in corruption or arrested for stealing money belonging to the state like NDC and its officials. He noted that   several NDC officials have been jailed since the year 2000 for various acts of wilfully causing financial loss to the state. He indicated that the Airbus scandal is a special case and a high profile global corruption scandal that must be investigated to its conclusion and the perpetrators in the deal prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to other leaders.

‘We cannot allow them to be walking freely when they have been implicated in corrupt deals. They need to be punished and I expect the Office of the Special Prosecutor to speed up the process’, he stated.

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